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History of UKT technology

Under the brand UKT it has been developed a versatile and innovative family of products which have evolved over 18 years through a wide range of surprising inventions  and challenging situations .

The innovations introduced made histor throughout the world,  still proved today by a chain of patents that have open the path to the modern air conditioners without external unit.

Arond the years 1997 and 1998  the founders of this technology Fabrizio and Giuliano Ungarelli both engineers and businessman's challenged each other to develop an embrional prototype of an extremly compact and miniaturied air conditioner without the need of external unit, fully independent, absolutelly innovative and cost effective.
The new  prototype was also equipped with an integrated heat recovery system able to recycle and re-evaporating most of the condensate generated during the cooling, transforming condensate into a renewable energy to reduce electrical consumption and pollutions; not secondary it was anticipating of at least 10 years the  future developments in the usage of ecological refrigerants,  it is remarkable the fact thsy just in 1997 these issues were considered absolutely innovative due to  the level of  products existing at that time.
The first patent was introducing the miniaturization of an entire independent
 climate control system with schemes and layout of elements for a  minimum dimensions solution :  Patent 1st

" The invented apparatus was a new device for the air treatment into the rooms of a modern building, whether or not residential. It is said new apparatus consists of a single body for the settings out and the holding of differentiated heating and air conditioning plants acting with a scheme and type of the components for a solution of the least dimensions to be satisfying both the necessities of air treatment into the room by using only one body on the outside wall occupying about the same space actually necessary for the sole heating unit. Particularly in the indirect building, whether or not residential, while the central or single heating plant comes to be part of the work given by the builder, the sole air conditioning plants are within the province of the resident".

The inventors introduced at that time an innovative approach to fluid dynamics technology, in order to recycle and use as much as possible the effects of the wind blowing agains the buildings to improve performance, including various structural solutions provided for the recovery of free energy such as the condensate water, the design and manufacturing of the entire internal structure for the disposal of the heat outside.


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As a pioneering appliance in terms of ecology, the unit’s performance went beyond expectations fifteen years in advance the modern requirements in terms of energy efficency ratios EER .

The heating was also possible using two solutions included in patent claims. The patent was granted. n° 01 308966 IT passed the international examinations throughout Europe with n° EP 1018624

The combination of more integrated technologies all in one inspired the inventors to name the product “DUETTO”   and to register that as TradeMark EN015200895, to better describe the fusion between two opposite worlds, respectivelly Cooling and Heating.

The foundations of this first invention that made a major market transformation through the patents: n° IT 308966 n° EP 01 1018624 and other , the next natural development was the addition of the added functionality of a reverse-cycle heat pump, which when included in environments for midseason became a third solution to heating all in the same appliance became into another patent: n° IT 321596 01.

Not happy enough this new air conditioner device was designed to operate just with a single hole through the wall redesigning fluid-dynamic concepts of concentrical-pipes in order to make the unit easy to install, simple to replace without the need of qualified installers, suitable to retrofit an unlimited range of existing PTAC units.

The unit was also designed to integrate a water radiator option in order to replace or to integrate - all in one - both conventional heating elements toghether with cooling elements to optimize the usage of the interior living space to reduce installation costs, save materials and minimize energy leaks.

Such innovations could be considered modern design at the present days but 17-18 years ago it was without any doubt, out of the ordinary.
The familiy of products so called "Synthesis" in several combinations grew so much that to make necessary to register the Trademark 02871069 for years to follow '2002 - '2012 - '2022 to create a separate product lines.

In parallel the "SINGLE HOLE" technology was set up for moving energy outside/inside which became the hallmark of all UKT branded products, that today still represents icon of originality left by the historical founding inventors.

In addition to the first mentioned patents added a further patented overseeing evolution:

Between late 2001 and early 2002 was invented and developed the air-conditioner split without external unit. This innovation was granting Patent n° 01 329705 IT.
It was a device that without prejudice to the advances of all previous UKT inventions could retain the original concept of no outdoor condenser, again single hole technology and meanwhile with the added ability to be easily relocated to another room or a wall that was not necessarily connected with the outside world. This specific solution was named "Synthesis Duetto" or "Synthesis Duetto Split" depending by the options

In the years to follow UKT then developed the "Diamond", an angular unit which makes use of the available angles in a room corners which utilises space usually empty or not better used, whilst maintaining the one hole and no external condensers.

The easy installation and ability to be installed in the internal corners of a room, makes this air conditioner compact and futuristic in terms of design, perfectly suited for environments where the furniture is already taking up a considerable amount of space. Again patented with a World Wide Patent application: WO- 2005-111514
The ONE HOLE technology to discharge exausted air outside is part of the patents, which separates and allows the passage of two air flows in different directions whilst ensuring a clinical external finish via one single wall grille.

The advantages are very important : from a practical side it has been reduced the installation time and the installation costs,  there are no additional  complex copper pipes and electrical cables to fit, it also becomes aesthetically less visible and does not clutter the building’s exterior.
There is also no requirement to match up indoor units to their outdoor condensers,  saving considerable time and money on servicing the units against conventional air conditioning systems

From the technical side the inventors have designed the air passage sections to exploit the wind that breaks against the facede of the house,

The SINGLE HOLE UKT technology although summed up in two words has not to be underestimated in terms of benefits and fluidynamic. 

In the years between 2008 and 2012 the inventors of this new generation of air conditioners have developed several new models still un-released and new solutions to climate control and have registered new more patents:

One of those the “VERTICAL” model that has a worldwide patent application PCT-2011 and registered Community design with no. 001299556-0001.

New more products will be soon available, see regularly  the NEWS section.
Their knowledge enabled the inventors to design an air conditioning system without an external condenser device whilst maintaining the Italian style by keeping the unit aesthetically different, modern and attractive .

This first patent led to an important technological advancement as it allows the integration of cooling, heating, ventilation and dehumidification even combined with gas heating and or water heating in the same spaces once reserved for just a conventional systems.

The functionality of drying and cooling spaces were obtained by an updated and modern compact refrigeration cycle, the project was designed for the use of ecological and non ozone depleting refrigerants which required accurate testing and climatic simulations.

Single Hole Technology

UKT Products that made history

1997 - 1998  The King:
Becoming an instant success it has been considered the most powerful portable air conditioner ever.

Very compact with double opposite evaporators inspired from Italian sport engines, Patent n° IT 01306278,  the first prototype made in 1997 recorded an unexpected cooling capacity above 17,000 Btu performing  the highest efficency ratio, experimenting at the same  time the R407c as ecological refrigerant.
The KING unit has been also the first portable air conditioner in the world to suit colours.
Equipped with the strongest compressors available in so compact size, Embraco or the Blue series Maneurope. The KING AC K19 unit was able to output generously a cooling capacity around 19-20,000 Btu at full power.
Rumors report few of this legendary unit are still successfully working in UK , US, Italy, Germany, Dubai, after 18 years, without maintenance.
'1999   DUETTO:
Launched after two years of secret designing and experimentation,  it is litterelly considered  the fore-runner of a new generation of air conditioners.
Duetto reppresent the dawn of the  air conditioning without the need for an external unit, single hole double-flow technology,  ecological refrigerant  revercing cycle and low noise, never seen before.
It was available in two powers 7,0 and 9,000 Btu's
                                                                       2001 Millennium :
This model led the transition from the Duetto to more powerful outputs from 10 to 12,000 Btu.
It was also equipped at  that time with a futuristic control-panel  integrating a fuzzy logic, 8 ventilation speeds and a PC connection port RJ-45, a specifically designed control software was able to manage up to 99 units from a single pc.
No similar combination of technologies  were at that time available in the world.
                                                                 2003 - Millennium mark 2 :
This unit was born following the experience of the previous units, still in manufacturing after 12 years due to its flexibility and power.
This unit has been used in three continents, in a wide range of enviroments from residential, commercial and professional.
Several thousands of units are still working properly after a decade
2002 Synthesis :
Upon its release the Synthesis model open the path to a wide range of air conditioning, including hydronic option fully builded in.
Still today it is the most powerful and versatile air conditioner without external unit on the market.
It can retrofit litterally an infinite range of PTAC units
                                                                 2004 - Diamond and Baby 
These two models can be considered a miniaturization exercise.
The fluiddynamic  issue,  the management of the condensate toghether with the highest  cooling or heating capacity on the market of the air-conditioning without external unit,  make these airconditiners an exemple of noiseless and high efficency technology.
Extremly complicated under a designinmg point of view,  still today these products remain unrivaled 
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